AmericaServes has thirteen networks across the country, and these networks provide referral services for Veterans, service members, and their families.  North Carolina has four hubs, and each hub undergoes a periodic In-Practice Review (IPR) to determine outcomes of their activities.  NCServes – Central Carolina provides services in 17 counties in the Triangle and Triad regions, with 76 network providers.  On July 24, NCServes-Central Carolina had their 2-year IPR; they have had 2,725 requests from 1,518 individuals.  The majority of requests have come from military members and Veterans (83%) while the rest have come from family members and caregivers.

The top need is housing and shelter, followed by employment. NCServes Central 2-Year-In-Practice Review

View proceedings of the IPR (start at about the 8-minute mark)

In addition, you can see a powerful client/provider video here.