On March 5, The President issued an Executive Order on a National Roadmap to Empower Veterans and End Suicide.  The Executive Order made the case that more coordination of services and supports needed to occur in order to reduce the suicide rate among Veterans.  Through the Executive Order, the Veteran Wellness, Empowerment, and Suicide Prevention Task Force was established, co-chaired by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs and the Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy. Within a year, the Task Force is expected to develop a national research strategy to improve the coordination, monitoring, benchmarking, and execution of public- and private-sector research related to the factors that contribute to Veteran suicide.  One component of the strategy is to develop a legislative proposal that would establish a grant program that would enable local communities to work together to integrate service delivery to Veterans and to coordinate resources for Veterans.  For more information on the roadmap visit whitehouse.gov.