On December 5, NCServes Western, one of four NCServes networks in the state, celebrated its first annual In-Practice Review (IPR) at the ABCCM Veterans Restoration Quarters in Asheville. The IPR celebrated the hard work of Western’s 16-county community during their first year of operation. Success to the Mountain’s strong network is attributed to the 84 community providers and programs that deliver stellar services to Veterans and their families.

In addition, the network has collaborated with the other three networks in North Carolina (Metrolina, Central, and Coastal) in order to share best practices while creating the strongest regions in the AmericaServes nationwide initiative. Jeff Smith (Military and Veterans Liaison- DHHS) spoke about the commitment and investment that North Carolina and the Department of Health and Human Services has in NCServes and applauded all the hard work being done to improve service delivery to our Military-connected communities in Western North Carolina and across the state.  Western thanked many community providers and initiatives, including the Evergreen Foundation and Warriors Veterans Outreach, a Foundation and non-profit that has supported the expansion of the network to reach and encompass the counties of Cherokee, Clay, Graham, and Swain.

One unique project highlighted was VETSMILES which has already provided continuing dental care to 43 Veterans. This project is filling anunresolved need in the network and works in partnership with the Smoky Mountain Outreach Foundation, County Veterans Offices, East Carolina University School of Dentistry, and NCServes Western.

Over 744 Veterans families were supported by Western in the first year, with a success rate of 73% with positive outcomes.  Among the top three needs in the Mountain region were Housing 29%, Benefits 13%, and Employment 9%.  (Note: Individual and Family Support has jumped to 16% of all needs in the last 3 months.) For more information on the challenges Veterans are facing and outcomes of our community efforts, visit NCServes Western IPR 1 YR at ncgwg.org/resources/.

NCServes Western – 1 Year In Practice Review

If you would like additional information on NCServes Western, the IPR activities or data, contact Brandon Wilson at brandon.wilson@abccm.org.



A panel comprised of Kevin Rumley (Buncombe County Veterans Treatment Court/Brookhaven), Heath Smith (Buncombe County Veterans Office), and Anne Salter (Pisgah Legal Services) resulted in new ideas and concepts that will improve the network in year 2.