The June 29th NCGWG meeting will be held but not in the Situation Room as the NC Department of Public Safety will be using it to monitor COVID-19.

We are planning to livestream the online meeting through Facebook beginning at 2:00pm, Thursday, June 29th. If you haven’t already liked Governor’s Institute or followed us on Facebook please do so in order to get a notification we are going LIVE.

The meeting agenda and powerpoints will be posted on the NCGWG page.

Captioning will be available during this meeting. You can use a separate mobile device such as a smart phone, tablet or laptop to watch get captioning or you can set up captioning in a second web browser.

Registration is not necessary, hope you join us and tune in!


Welcome Back!

An Army National Guardsman is reunited with his family at the National Guard Armory in Hammonton, N.J., after returning from Washington D.C., where the Guard provided security assistance around the Capitol building, May 26, 2021.

Photo By: Mark Olsen, Army National Guard