People who use dip, chew, and snuff increase their risk for developing cancers of the lip, tongue, and mouth. VA has the tools to treat smokeless tobacco use and can help Veterans build a plan to quit for good. The Great American Spit Out is on February 20, 2020, and is the perfect time for Veterans to take steps toward quitting smokeless tobacco and starting a tobacco-free journey. It’s important to remember that dip and chewing tobacco have more nicotine than cigarettes, which could lead to a stronger addiction. Quitting smokeless tobacco is hard. But it helps if you have a plan. VA has some resources to help you quit.

*Quit VET: Speak with a tobacco cessation counselor to make a quit plan and to receive ongoing support and counseling after your quit date by calling 1-855-QUIT-VET (1-855-784-8838). Quitline counselors are available between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday. Quitline counselors offer continued support through follow-up calls and counseling.

*SmokefreeVET: Sign up for VA’s text-messaging program to receive three to five text messages a day of support, advice, and encouragement when you are quitting tobacco. You can sign up for the program by texting the word VET to 47848 from your mobile phone or by visiting You can text the keywords URGE, STRESS, and DIPPED anytime to get an immediate tip for coping with an urge to use, stress, or a slip.