On May 30, Governor Cooper issued Executive Order 142, which prevents landlords from evicting residential tenants for reasons of late payment or nonpayment through June 20 unless the Governor extends the order. In addition, landlords cannot assess interest, late fees, or other penalties for late payment or nonpayment during this period (i.e., May 30 to June 20). Residential tenants will also have at least six months to make reasonable arrangements to pay off any rent that became due during this time. Tenants are encouraged to let landlords know if they are unable to pay the full rent as soon as possible and to make rental payments to the extent that they are financially able to do so. In addition, utility service providers cannot shut off service or bill or collect any fee, charge, penalty, or interest for a late or otherwise untimely payment that becomes due from the date of this Executive Order. Customers shall be provided the opportunity to make reasonable payment arrangements to pay off late bills over at least a six-month period.