The February 24th NCGWG meeting will be held virtually.

We are planning to livestream the online meeting through Facebook beginning at 2:00pm, Thursday, February 24th. If you haven’t already liked Governor’s Institute or followed us on Facebook please do so in order to get a notification we are going LIVE.

The meeting agenda and powerpoints will be posted on the NCGWG page.

Captioning will be available during this meeting. You can use a separate mobile device such as a smart phone, tablet or laptop to watch get captioning or you can set up captioning in a second web browser.

Registration is not necessary, hope you join us and tune in!


Landing Preps: CH-53K King Stallions prepare to land at Bogue Airfield in Bogue, N.C., Jan. 27, 2022. 

Photo By: Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Samuel Lyden