AARP research shows that family caregivers spend close to $8,000 per year of their money caring for family members who are aging, ill or living with disabilities. Looking after those wounded in the line of duty can cost even more.

Whether you are picking up groceries, helping with housework or making trips to the doctor or pharmacy, all these little things add up. Having a clear picture of what’s involved – be it your care recipient’s health, housing or finances – lets you plan ahead and make the juggling act a little easier.

AARP created the Financial Workbook for Veteran and Military Caregivers to help you get organized and take control of your future. Each set of worksheets is designed for you to capture the essential information you need to manage the complex responsibilities of caregiving. The workbook is organized into four main sections:

  • Health: Health Care Plan, Powers of Attorney, Estate Planning, Burial Plans
  • Housing: Home, Transportation, Allergies, Safety, Storing Documents
  • Money: Monthly Budget, Investments and Debts
  • Future Planning: Education, Careers, Contingency Plans

The workbook is free and you do not need to be an AARP member to use it.