Each year the US Department of Veterans Affairs collaborates with community partners to determine the needs of homeless Veterans as part of the CHALENG (Community Homelessness, Local Education, and Networking Groups) initiative through surveys and focus groups of Veterans, providers, advocates, and other stakeholders.  Results have assisted the VA in planning new services for Veterans in the various housing programs.  In 2017, 4520 individuals completed a survey, including 2436 homeless Veterans (53.9%).  Needs that are met are services that the VA can provide directly while unmet needs are primarily services that require community partnership.  Top met needs include medical services; testing and treating for tuberculosis, Hepatitis C, and HIV/AIDS; case management; psychiatric or psychological services; clothing; and food.  Unmet needs include housing for registered sex offenders; child care; dental care; legal assistance for warrants and fines, child support issues, and restoring a driver’s license; family reconciliation assistance; credit counseling; and financial guardianship.

A copy of the report may be downloaded here.