Late last year, the US Department of Veterans Affairs launched the Rapid Approval Mobilization Program (RAMP), which was designed to expedite the appeals process for eligible Veterans (must be service-connected minimum of 10%).  The VA will mail letters to the oldest claims first, and recipients will have a choice to stay in the legacy process or participate in RAMP.  Once a Veteran selects RAMP, s/he cannot return to the legacy appeals process.  RAMP has 2 new lanes:  (1) a new review by a claims examiner based on the evidence of record and (2) a supplemental claim lane where additional evidence may be submitted to support the claim.

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In partnership with the VHA and other agencies, the VBA offers in-person claims clinics, known as Veterans Experience Action Centers, around the State.  In partnership with Goodwill Industries, the next one is scheduled at Goodwill Industries, 2701 University Parkway, Winston-Salem, 27115 on April 26-27, from 8:00a to 3:00p both days.