The Defense Department’s newly released 2022 Demographics Profile of the Military Community shows the number of service members dropped 2.7% over the previous year while the percentage of women in the military inched upward.

According to the annual demographics report, the active-duty and selected reserve population was 58,282 lower than in 2021, for a total of 2,077,630 service members. Over the same period, the percentage of women increased slightly – rising to 17.5% of the active-duty force from 17.3% and 21.6% of the selected reserve from 21.4%. Since 2005, the percentage of active-duty military women has increased by 2.9% while the percentage of women in the selected reserve has risen by 4.4%. The annual report contains the latest publicly available information on the makeup of the military community, including service members and their dependents.

The annual demographics report is available on Military OneSource.