RTI International is conducting a Biofeedback Assisted Resilience Training (BART) study funded by the US Department of Defense.  The study includes a financial incentive of up to $165 for participating members of the National Guard, Reserve, Veterans, and First Responders (no military service is required for fire, police, EMT, etc.).  Study participants will participate in a 30-90 minute training session to learn the biofeedback or relaxed breathing technique, which they will practice at home periodically over a six-week period with guidance from an app on their smart phone. Questionnaires will be completed during the training and at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.  Participants completing the BART training also will receive a heart rate monitor for use during the study which they can keep after study completion.  See the attached flyer for more info or go to https://bart.rti.org/index.html.