VA Benefits

Information for Veterans Considering Higher Education

Support Services

Information for Higher Education Administrators, Faculty, and Staff

  • The US Department of Veterans Affairs has developed the VA Campus Toolkit to assist in the development of Veteran friendly campuses in higher education.
  • The American Council on Education (ACE) has developed a website that serves as a toolkit for community colleges and universities interested in developing a military-friendly environment on campus. The website not only has a discussion board on relevant topics, but it has short (2-3 minute) videos of university staff (and student Veterans) talking about different aspects on how to Start a Successful Program. Videos address topics such as career transition, peer mentorship, military transcript review, understanding benefits, identifying student veterans, Veteran counseling programs, training faculty and staff, and more.
  • NC STRIVE (Student Transition Resource Initiative for Veteran’s Education) targets administrators, faculty, and staff in 2-year and 4-year public and private higher education institutions through educational conferences. The purpose is to heighten awareness of military culture; to educate about the potential impact of deployment on behavioral health and academic learning; and to provide information on civilian and military services, supports, and resources.
  • An online course, Student Veterans Health: What College Health Professionals and Faculty Need To Know, offered by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), the National Center on PTSD, and the Red Sox Foundation. MGH and its partners offer a number of free online courses, which are excellent. Faculty are on the staff of the National Center on PTSD, US Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Emergency numbers for Student Veterans that higher education staff may download, print, and post on bulletin boards and in hallways.